Put a Beagle on your license plate! 

If you're visiting this site, you're probably either a Snoopy aficionado (and who isn't?) or a fan of California museums (and who isn't?).
Now you can order a Snoopy license plate, help our state's museums, and receive free or discounted admission to 83 California museums as a Beagle Backer
When 7,500 people have completed the application and paid the corresponding fees, the plates will go into production. We have already sold 6,800 Snoopy license plates. We have 700 to go!
They are $50 for a sequential plate or $98 for a personalized plate - which is only about $20 more than a typical vehicle registration fee. And the additional cost could be a tax deduction! See our FAQs page for details. 
NEW!  Watch and share the Snoopy license plate Public Service Announcement:

Are you ready to make Snoopy history? Learn more or order your plate today!

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Are you with a museum and want to help promote the plate or sign up to participate in the Beagle Backer program? 
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Snoopy Plate