Snoopy Plate

 Q: Okay, so what do I need to do?
A: By purchasing the Snoopy license plate today, you can be among the first ones to display your affection for the Beagle. All you have to do is fill out the application and pay the fee. They are $50 for a sequential plate or $98 for a personalized plate (a portion of this higher fee supports programs to protect California’s environment – another worthy cause!). That is only about $20 more than your regular annual vehicle registration fees - and the difference could be a tax deduction (see below). 
The order form requires the following information: name, address, phone number, email address, current plate number, and a credit card for payment. 
Q: I've heard museums are giving free or discounted admission. Is this true? Which museums?
A: Yes, the rumor is true! Over 80 museums across the state are offering one-time free or discounted admission for one year to Beagle Backers, the first 7,500 individuals who pre-purchase a Snoopy license plate. Click here to see the list of participating museums
Q: How many plates have been sold so far? 
A: We have already sold 6,800 Snoopy license plates. We have 700 to go!
Q: I sign up. Then what happens?
A: Once the minimum of 7,500 pre-paid orders has been reached, we will send an email to everyone to: (1) share the great news and (2) explain how Beagle Backers can redeem their free and discounted admissions. The names and deposits will also be given to the DMV to begin creating the plate. If the plate does not receive 7,500 by January 2016, the State will refund your money.
Here is a link to DMV's webpage that explains this process, governed by State law:
Q: How much does the plate cost?
A: Snoopy plates are $50 initially and then $40 per year to renew. If you would like it personalized, the fee is $98 and $78 to renew. This is only about a $20 additional cost to your regular license plate and will be added to your car registration form. Did we mention a portion is considered a charitable contribution that is tax deductible
Q: Can I personalize the license plate?
A: Yes! Simply fill out the first, second, and third choices on your form, along with their intended meaning - but be sure to check to see if those choices are available first (see below). All options are subject to DMV approval. 
Q: How do I know if my first, second, and third choices for a personalized plate are available?
A: You can check this on DMV's website but you will need to enter information as if you are purchasing a different Special Interest License Plate in order to test your choice. (This is because the Snoopy plate will not be sold through DMV until after we sell 7,500 plates.) Choose one that only allows for 6 characters, just like the Snoopy plate does. Then, follow these steps:
  1. select the "type of vehicle" (Auto, Commercial, etc.) in the drop down menu
  2. answer the question whether or not the car is leased or owned by a company
  3. select the radio button next to "AG FAN" (agriculture plate) or "PETLVR" (pet lovers plate)
  4. click "Next"
  5. using the drop down menus, select your desired six letters and/or numbers
  6. click "Next",
  7. look at the results. (If you see "Sorry, the plate you have requested is not available," then your choice is taken already. If you advance to the next screen that reads "Step 3: Complete Order Form", then your choice is currently available.)
  8. repeat this process for your first, second, and third choices and add them to your order form
Q: Can I get a special character on my Snoopy plate, such as a star, heart, or hand?
A: Unfortunately, no. Those are only available on the Kids Plate. 
Q: Can I give a Snoopy plate as a gift?
A: Yes! Complete the order form with the gift recipient's information. After providing payment information, you may print out a gift certificate for the lucky Snoopy fan!
Q: When will I receive my plate?
A: The sooner we reach the magic number of 7,500 pre-paid orders, the sooner you can have Snoopy on your car! The DMV estimates that Snoopy plates will be produced and issued within one year of 7,500 plates being sold. 
Q: But what if you can’t find 7,500 people?
A: Last we checked, California has 23,000,000 (that’s 23 MILLION) registered automobiles. We’re pretty sure we can find 7,500 Snoopy and museum fans out there willing to pay $50 for a special plate. If we can’t, you’ll get your money back.
Q: So why is Snoopy supporting California museums?
A: Snoopy, being the community-minded beagle he is, understands that museums are for everybody.
Q: And why should I support California museums?
A: Museums are truly special places, anchors of communities where families, friends and neighbors can meet, learn and discover together. We’re lucky in California, because our state has an incredible variety of great museums that serve a truly diverse range of interests and specialties – from art museums and aquariums to history museums, zoos, science centers, and children’s museums.
Q: Can I keep my current plate number?
A: Yes, if you have a personalized plate with 6 characters or less. You may not transfer a previous sequential number to the new plate, a personalized plate with 7 characters, or one with special Kids Plate characters (such as hearts, hands, or stars).
Q: I have a motorcycle. Can I still get a plate?
A: Yes! The only thing to keep in mind is that motorcycle plates have 5 characters or less. It will also be a generic plate that comes with a decal that can be affixed to the plate. Unfortunately, it won’t have the tagline along the bottom that reads "museums are for everyone".
Q: I have a disabled plate. Can I still get a Snoopy plate?
A: Yes, if you are willing to replace your disabled person plate with a placard. It is not possible to get a combined Snoopy/disabled person plate. But you can get a Snoopy plate and utilize a disabled person placard to get the special parking privileges.
Q: I just bought a new car and don't have my new license plate number yet. Can I still complete the Snoopy plate order form? 
A: Unfortunately, no. The DMV requires that you have actual plates before you sign up for the Snoopy plate. Perhaps the new car dealership could help expedite the paperwork to help move the process along. 
Q: I lease a car. Can I still get a Snoopy plate?
A: Yes!
Q: How much of the plate fee is tax deductible? 
A: We recommend you discuss this with your tax professional. However, we can share this letter from the Franchise Tax Board that suggests that the difference between a regular California license plate and a special interest license plate could be considered a charitable contribution.  
Q: Will I receive one plate or two? 
A: That depends on the type of vehicle you are ordering them for. If your order is for an auto or truck, you will receive two plates, plus registration stickers for your back plate. If your order is for a trailer or motorcycle, you will only receive one plate, plus your registration stickers.  
Q: Will I receive registration stickers with my plate? 
A: Yes!
Q: Where does the money go?
A: Proceeds will go into a designated fund to be administered by the California Cultural and Historical Endowment which will create a grant program to benefit California museums.
Q: Who do we have to thank for the Snoopy plate?
A: There are so many people to thank! The Schulz family and the copyright holders are at the top of the list for donating royalty-free rights for the use of the Snoopy image. This program would not be possible without their support.
The concept started with the California Association of Museums and their Board and staff worked with Jean Schulz, the State of California, and other stakeholders for many years. The California Cultural and Historical Endowment, a state entity, is the state sponsor of the Snoopy Plate Program.
We are indebted to these individuals and organizations for supporting this program through the donation of their time and services:
The Candelaria Fund
Q: And who is Snoopy?
A: Good Grief!