Snoopy Plate

Q: I pre-ordered a Snoopy plate before December 18, 2015. What happens next? And, when will I get my plate?
A: Congratulations!  You will be among the first ones to display your affection for the Beagle.  
All pre-orders were handed over to DMV in late December 2015 AND THE FIRST PLATES ARE ON CALIFORNIA ROADS NOW!  DMV is in the process of contacting pre-purchasers with details and distributing the plates. While you wait, we hope you are using your Beagle Backer pass to visit California museums. 
Q: How much does the plate cost?
A: Sequential Snoopy plates are $50 initially and then $40 per year to renew. If you would like it personalized, the fee is $98 and $78 to renew. (Please note that the renewal rates for personalized plates will increase by $5 starting March 10, 2017 and original plate prices will increase to $103 on July 1, 2017.) This is only about a $20 additional cost to your regular license plate and will be added to your car registration form. Did we mention a portion is considered a charitable contribution that is tax deductible
Q: I want a plate. What do I need to do?
A: You can order your Snoopy license plate directly from DMV! Click HERE. 
Q: I've heard museums are giving free or discounted admission. Is this true? Which museums?
A: Yes, the rumor was true! Ninety museums across the state offered one-time free or discounted admission for one year to Beagle Backers, the individuals who pre-purchased a Snoopy license plate before December 18, 2015. Since we are no longer collecting pre-orders, though, that offer has expired. Click here to see the list of participating museums
Q: How many plates have been sold so far? 
A: We have sold well over 7,500 plates, the number required by state law to begin any new special interest license plate program!
Q: Can I personalize the license plate?
A: Yes! If you would like it personalized, the fee is $98 and $78 to renew. The rates for new personalized plates will increase to $103 on July 1, 2017. You can order your Snoopy license plate directly from DMV! Click HERE.
Q: Can I get a special character on my Snoopy plate, such as a star, heart, or hand?
A: Unfortunately, no. Those are only available on the Kids Plate. 
Q: When will I receive my plate?
A: VERY SOON! The DMV is in the process of contacting plate purchasers or mailing the plate directly to them. 
Q: So why is Snoopy supporting California museums?
A: Snoopy, being the community-minded beagle he is, understands that museums are for everybody.
Q: And why should I support California museums?
A: Museums are truly special places, anchors of communities where families, friends and neighbors can meet, learn and discover together. We’re lucky in California, because our state has an incredible variety of great museums that serve a truly diverse range of interests and specialties – from art museums and aquariums to history museums, zoos, science centers, and children’s museums.
Q: Can I keep my current plate number?
A: Yes, if you have a personalized plate with 6 characters or less. You may not transfer a previous sequential number to the new plate, a personalized plate with 7 characters, or one with special Kids Plate characters (such as hearts, hands, or stars).
Q: I have a motorcycle. Can I still get a plate?
A: Yes! The only thing to keep in mind is that motorcycle plates have 5 characters or less. It will also be a generic plate that comes with a decal that can be affixed to the plate. Unfortunately, it won’t have the tagline along the bottom that reads "museums are for everyone".
Q: I have a disabled plate. Can I still get a Snoopy plate?
A: Yes, if you are willing to replace your disabled person plate with a placard. It is not possible to get a combined Snoopy/disabled person plate. But you can get a Snoopy plate and utilize a disabled person placard to get the special parking privileges.
Q: I just bought a new car and don't have my new license plate number yet. Can I still complete the Snoopy plate order form? 
A: Unfortunately, no. The DMV requires that you have actual plates before you sign up for the Snoopy plate. Perhaps the new car dealership could help expedite the paperwork to help move the process along. 
Q: I lease a car. Can I still get a Snoopy plate?
A: Yes! You can now order your Snoopy license plate directly from DMV! Click HERE. 
Q: How much of the plate fee is tax deductible? 
A: We recommend you discuss this with your tax professional. However, we can share this letter from the Franchise Tax Board that suggests that the difference between a regular California license plate and a special interest license plate could be considered a charitable contribution.  
Q: Will I receive one plate or two? 
A: That depends on the type of vehicle for which you are ordering. If your order is for an auto or truck, you will receive two plates, plus registration stickers for your back plate. If your order is for a trailer or motorcycle, you will only receive one plate, plus your registration stickers.  
Q: Will I receive registration stickers with my plate? 
A: Yes!
Q: Where does the money go?
A: Proceeds go into a designated fund administered by the California Cultural and Historical Endowment to support a grant program to benefit California museums.
Q: Who do we have to thank for the Snoopy plate?
A: There are so many people to thank! The Schulz family and the copyright holders are at the top of the list for donating royalty-free rights for the use of the Snoopy image. This program would not be possible without their support.
The concept started with the California Association of Museums and their Board and staff worked with Jean Schulz, the State of California, and other stakeholders for many years. The California Cultural and Historical Endowment, a state entity, is the state sponsor of the Snoopy Plate Program.
We are indebted to these individuals and organizations for supporting this program through the donation of their time and services:
The Candelaria Fund
David Strauss
Q: And who is Snoopy?
A: Good Grief!